Why the soul cries

Why does my soul cry out? It cries because I have neglected it. I have allowed negative thoughts and feelings cover it. These negative thoughts and feelings are like the layers of an onion that need to be peeled away. This website will present various layers that can cover our soul and keep us from living the life we were put on earth to live. We are here to experience love, joy, peace and abundance and every good and pure experience that our soul longs for. But first we have to recognize what is covering up our soul.

“I feel like the various struggles, fears and issues in my life have covered up my soul and camouflaged my true self.   I’ve been working to identify and peel back these layers so I can evolve into my authentic self.”

“I’m going to be honest with you. This process is not for everyone. I say that because some people will not be able to face the existence of these layers of their life at this time because this process can and will cause some discomfort and pain. It requires honesty and a lot of inner strength. It can be difficult to look at these parts of our lives and not be effected by them. Some people may want to go through the process but may not be ready at this time. I speak from personal experience on this point. Ten years ago I was not ready to deal with these aspects of my life. The thought of them created too much pain so I once again blocked them out and put a fresh Band-Aid on them and continued living the life that did not represent the true me. But after I decided to go through this healing process, there have been times of fear and apprehension.

Would I like the real me?

“As I thought about shedding this false persona that I had been living that covered up my soul, this would also release the authentic me who I really did not know. What am I really like and would I like the me who I find? As this transition takes place and I began to shed those old habits that are comfortable and normal to me, what does it look like on the other side? Will it be like getting to know a stranger? All of these questions plagued my mind. But I had to realize that this was just another layer that I needed to shed. I had to trust that who I was underneath all of those layers of false representation, had to be someone who was real and authentic and represented all the buried dreams and aspirations that I have always had. I had to realize that I already knew the authentic me. I just kept it imprisoned by the bars of falsehood. This process for me has brought out many emotions. I have cried a lot as I recognize the pain that I was holding inside. I also got angry, sad, lonely and agitated. But I knew it was part of the process. The ego is represented in those layers and as I come face to face with them, the ego is strong and will put up a fight.”

From “Onion of the Soul”  by A. Annette Hankins



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Hello world!

Have you looked outside today?  Have you marveled at the beauty of the world we live in?  If you are feeling sad and lonely today, just for a moment go outside, close your eyes and breath in the life giving air.  Allow that air to clear your mind of all the thoughts that take up so much space in your life.  Just for a moment allow yourself to just be.  Just be who you are without thought, without problems, without anything but your very existence.  Now smile.  Doesn’t that feel better?  Even if you only felt it for a few moments, that was the best moment of your day.  Allow yourself to feel those moments at least once a day.  You deserve it and need it.  It can help the negative energy and thoughts just melt away if only for a moment.

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