We all want to feel like we are accepted in our family, school, work, church and in society as a whole. There is something inside of us that wants to belong. When that doesn’t happen, we can feel lost and rejected. Some of us have a sensitive spirit and it affects us more that others. Bullies, controlling parents, and strong willed family members can make us feel lonely, like we don’t belong.

“During my lifetime I have spent an excessive amount of time looking for and working toward acceptance from people. I valued myself from their vision of me. This has been an uphill battle throughout my life because it has been difficult to please others, as we all know. Maybe I could for a time but that soon played out. After fifty-two years I finally realized what was missing, accepting myself.”

Children deal with this at school every day.  But even adults have to deal with it with their boss and fellow co-workers.  Family can also make us feel like we don’t belong.  Self-acceptance and self-esteem can be affected by the negative words and actions of others.

Accepting myself includes loving myself which is something I did not know how to do. In the past I searched for love from other people.

“The main lesson I had to learn is that the love I had been searching for my entire life cannot be found in the external world from anyone or anything. The love I was searching for had to come from inside of myself. I realized that I have to love and accept myself in spite of the way other people treat me. I have to love and accept myself no matter what.”

Quotes from “Onion of the Soul” by A. Annette Hankins

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