Seeing the Good In Spite of the Pain

We all go through painful times in our lives. Some are so deep we don’t know how to dig our way out. But if we shift our focus and recognize the good aspects in our life it can help us get through the tough times. There are always positive aspects in our life we only have to shift our perspective. That person that is always there for us if only to offer a listening ear, our dog that will lay it’s head on our lap when we are feeling bad, that person at work who always has a smile for us no matter what, a small child who will give us a hug because they are so full of love, even an uplifting quote found on Facebook that will momentarily put a smile on our face or give us inspiration to go on a little longer, can all be the bright spot in our life to take the hurt out of our pain. Just take the time to shift your way of looking at things for a moment. Everyday make it a point of taking some time to make that shift and each day will get easier.

“There were several people in my life who I would call life-liners. They threw out a life-line for me when I needed it. Because I couldn’t find love at home, I searched for love everywhere else. I had play fathers and mothers at school and at church because they were people who treated me like they cared about me. They showed me kindness, understanding and listened to my thoughts. My feelings mattered, my thoughts mattered and I didn’t feel like I had to do anything for them in order for me to experience that acceptance. “

“We all need life-liners in our lives. They see the person in us we need to see. They give us space to be who we are but also challenge us to grow into the person we were meant to be. They support us and give us the nudge we need to reach the next level on our journey. I thank God for my Life-Liners.”

Quote from “Onion of the Soul” by A. Annette Hankins

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