“One of the main causes of low self esteem is the feeling of unworthiness. Do you feel worthy of love? Do you feel worthy of a happy life? Do you feel worthy of being financially abundant? Do you feel worthy? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then low self-esteem is a byproduct. “

“When our self-esteem is low we tend to allow the messages from other people dictate how we live our lives and feel about ourselves. Because we don’t trust ourselves we hand over control to people who think they know what is best for us. They tell us what we should wear, what we should eat, where we should work, what we should drive and who we should date. These people can come in many forms. Our parents, siblings, other family members, friends, strangers, the government, and the media have all contributed to running our life. When our self-esteem is low we will listen to everybody, anybody but ourselves.”

The thoughts that are dominating our mind that tell us we are unworthy are lies. We are all worthy just because we exist. Our soul knows that we are worthy but there are layers of lies that we continue to tell ourselves that cover up that truth of worthiness. Work on rejecting those negative thought patterns. You will see a rise in your self esteem.

Quotes from the book -“Onion of the Soul” by A. Annette Hankins

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