Self-acceptance can be difficult especially when people experience so much unacceptable behavior toward them as a child. Being bullied in school, a dominating parent, a judgmental parent, demeaning teachers, and siblings who put you down all the time. And then to grow up and be treated like an outcast in college or on the job can add to the feeling of not being accepted or worthy of love. Society plays a role in this as well. If you don’t buy the right clothes or shoes, or live in the best neighborhood, or look a certain way can make some people feel like they are not acceptable.

It’s taken me many years to learn how to love myself. Because I grew up thinking that I had to earn everyone’s love, I didn’t feel worthy of love unless someone showed it to me. The great Louise Hay taught me that I was worthy of love just because God created me. I did not have to earn love from anyone. The love I longed for was inside of me. She is famous for her mirror work which is what helped me tremendously. Every morning I am able to look into my eyes and say without hesitation, “I love you, I really, really love you”. This is something I’ve been able to do for the last 4 years. I’m in my 50s and some people may think that it’s crazy to live so many years and not love myself. But actually I feel very blessed because there are many, many unfortunate people who leave this earth and never know the joy of loving themselves.

We are worthy

It’s important to know that we all are important and that we matter. Even if it is only to ourselves and to God, we matter. He loves us because He made us.

“When we have allowed negative energy through bad thoughts, words and actions enter our life we have allowed them to take up residence within us, which goes against who God is. God is love. If we practice anything that is contrary to love, we exist outside of who we are. We are of course made in His image therefore we are love. The interesting thing is that we already know this. As Christians we read it in the Bible. Other religions also understand this concept. But it is evident that this concept is not practiced on a global scale otherwise there would not be so much killing, hating and racism all over the world. We are love. It is not something we do it is who we are. But we allow the aspects of the ego (our layers) to rule us instead of our authentic soul that puts us in direct connection with our spirit that is guided by God. Many times we forget this, but sometimes we need to hear it from a different perspective in order for it to click in a way that changes us. Sometimes we say things like, let go and let God, put your burdens on the alter and leave them there, God will take care of it and many other sayings that after a while become a habit of saying words that have no meaning. If this were not the case people’s life would be different. But as someone who has lived with these layers, I have put stuff on the alter but when I got up I took it back with me and those mental dialogues may have taken a break for a while, but they returned. I had to take the time and go deeper within myself and examine the layers, examine the cause of those layers and face them head on.”

Far too much time is spent trying to get acceptance and acknowledgement from other people, other things and situations. That is not what our soul is longing for. Once we self accept, I believe the rest will follow.”

Quotes from “Onion of the Soul” by A. Annette Hankins

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